100cm Gun Bag (Swiss Arms 604005)

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100cm Swiss Arms 604005 Bag


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Introducing the 100cm bag (Swiss Arms 604005), a product that seamlessly combines practicality and style. Crafted by renowned brands Cybergun and Swiss Arms, this is not just an ordinary bag; it's a symbol of quality and durability.

Constructed from robust nylon fibre, this bag promises to withstand harsh conditions while maintaining its original look. Its black color adds a touch of elegance, making it suitable for both casual and professional settings.

The dimensions are as follows:

  • Length: 100 cm
  • Width: varies based on content

This unique piece belongs to our coveted collection of Gun Bags. However, do not be mistaken! It can serve multiple purposes beyond carrying replica weapons. You can use it as a briefcase or satchel too!

The Swiss Arms 604005 bag is versatile in nature, thanks to its design. The interior is spacious enough to accommodate your essentials securely. Moreover, the sturdy handles ensure you can carry it comfortably without any strain.

In conclusion, the 100cm bag (Swiss Arms 604005) is more than just a storage solution - it's an accessory that speaks volumes about your taste and personality. Invest in this remarkable piece today and experience the difference!

Swiss Arms
Bag / Briefcase / Satchel
nylon fibre
Dimension (in mm)

Cybergun is an airsoft brand founded by Jérôme Marsac and Vincent Bouvet. Before embarking on this activity in 1993, they developed models on the French market. The AIR SOFT GUNS® are replicas of dummy pistols that shoot 6 mm plastic balls. These harmless products are intended for a major audience and faithfully reproduce real firearms. The two contractors have licensed major defence brands such as Smith & Wesson®, COLT®, SIG SAUER®, DESERT EAGLE™, and many more, making them a world leader with a portfolio of over 20 exclusive licenses. 

In 1999, Cybergun goes public and is renowned for the occasion. The brand is very present in the American market, which represents 24.1% of its turnover in 2002. It also conquered new markets in Eastern Europe, signed licensing agreements with Japan and invested heavily in research and development through two revolutionary patents filed in 2003: BAX and CYCLONE. 

2004 marked the expansion of the American market with the opening of SOFTAIR DEPOT® stores and the acquisition of the SOFTAIR USA wholesaler. In 2007, Cybergun continued its growth with the acquisition of PALCO Marketing and in 2008, despite the global crisis, the group maintained its steady growth. 

In 2010, Cybergun signed a partnership agreement with JT SPORTS, a company recognized in the paint-ball market. It also acquires INOKATSU, a Taiwanese manufacturer specializing in high-end airsoft products. The brand continued its growth with the creation of the Military and Force Training Division, Spartan Military and Law Enforcement (M&LE), which is dedicated to the sale of replica weapons for the various armed forces in France and abroad. 

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