Cobra Smoke Glasses (Bollé)

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The versatile, panoramic and indispensable novelty!


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Chronopost and Colissimo

The versatile novelty, panoramic and indispensable! Coating and without any discomfort for the vision, Cobra offers a 180 ° panoramic vision of perfect optical quality.
TheA possibility to interchange the branches with an adjustable braid and the foam edge option make Cobra an ultra-versatile model.

Richemical squeegee 3 (Protection by mask, glasses with braid or face shield)

Area of application: Chemical protection against the projection of liquids and droplets of liquids. Protection by mask, glasses with braid or face shield.
Mechanical risk - Low energy impact - F

Low energy impact 45 m / s: impact resistance of a steel ball of 6mm diameter and 86g minium launched at 45m / s

Rmechanical isc - Impact at extreme temperatures - T

The letter T, immediately after the mechanical resistance symbol, allows the use for particles thrown at high speed at extreme temperatures.

Liradiation: EN 170 (UV protection)

Ultraviolet radiation protection filters.
This type of protection is particularly recommended for activities where the ultraviolet radiation source is predominant, such as mercury vapor lamps, actinic or germicidal.
arrowApplication Instructions: 2-1.2, 2C-1.2
CoEye color: Colorless, blue, yellow or green. The addition of the code "C" indicates the correctcolor recognition by the wearer
Optical class 1: best optical quality, eye protection can be worn continuously

Removable branches

This technology makes it possible to quickly and easily turn goggles into goggles. The branches are interchangeable with the foam kit and braid.
Swivel Branches / Tilting Face

This technology makes it possible to adapt the inclination of the glasses regardless of the shape of the face.


The anti-fog treatment makes it possible to work in optimal conditions by eliminating the effect of condensation that occurs during large temperature differences or by wearing unaerated mount.
Anti-scratch treatment

The anti-scratch treatment acts as a hardening shield that improves the strength of the lenses and limits the formation of scratches. It extends the life of the lenses and improves the comfort of its users by avoiding scratches that can hinder vision.

Bollé Safety
Airsoft Protection
Airsoft goggles
nylon fibre
Glass color
Smoked / Black

Bollé Safety for eye protection for airsoft.

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