Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
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Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC
Scope of View 3-9X40 AOC

3-9X40 AOC Illuminated Scope (JS Tactical)

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Scope with adjustable zoom from x3 to x9 Aperture / Diameter of 40mm


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Introducing the 3-9X40 AOC Illuminated Scope from the renowned brand, JS Tactical Airsoft. This is not just another scope; it's a perfect blend of innovation and functionality that will take your airsoft game to an entirely new level.

Crafted with meticulous precision, this scope boasts a sturdy metal construction, promising longevity and robustness. Its sleek black color adds an aesthetic appeal while blending seamlessly with any airsoft rifle. The scope comes equipped with a versatile Picatinny rail system, offering compatibility with a wide range of firearms.

Measuring between 380mm - 455mm in length, this compact yet powerful scope won't add unnecessary bulk to your weapon. Despite its comprehensive features, it weighs only around 0.700 Kg, ensuring you don't compromise on maneuverability during those intense gaming sessions.

The real magic lies within its advanced optics. With a zoom lens ranging from 3 - 9 magnifications, you can spot your targets from afar without straining your eyes. The generous 40mm lens diameter ensures ample light transmission for clear and bright images even under low-light conditions.

What sets the 3-9X40 AOC Illuminated Scope apart is its dual illumination system. It features both red and green backlights, providing optimal visibility regardless of the environment or lighting conditions.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an upgrade to enhance your shooting accuracy while adding minimal weight to your gear, look no further than the JS Tactical Airsoft's 3-9X40 AOC Illuminated Scope. Remember, in the world of airsoft gaming, every detail counts!

Please note: This product falls under the category of Scopes.

JS Tactical Airsoft
Airsoft rifle scope
Rail type
Length (in mm)
380 / 455
Weight (in Kg)
Zoom Lens
3 - 9
Lens Diameter

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JS Tactical Airsoft is committed to providing airsoft players with accessories that exceed expectations in terms of quality and versatility. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned veteran, the brand offers solutions for all levels of experience, ensuring total immersion in the world of airsoft.

The diversity of JS Tactical Airsoft products reflects our constant drive for innovation. Each accessory is carefully designed to meet the specific needs of demanding players. Whether you're looking for greater precision, better visibility, or more advanced game tactics, JS Tactical Airsoft offers solutions that allow you to customize your airsoft experience according to your preferences. 

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