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Charger MP44 / STG44 Metal 550 Balls (AGM)

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AGM MP44 / STG44 metal charger - 550 balls capacity - Compatible ASG MP44 / Cybergun Schmeisser MP44 -


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AGM - MP44 Charger

Capacity: 550 balls

Material: Metal

Compatibility: ASG MP44 / Cybergun Schmeisser MP44

AGM is a renowned airsoft brand worldwide. Based in China but operating abroad, AGM offers a varied catalog of high quality airsoft guns and parts. 

One of the peculiarities of AGM lies in its unique airsoft guns, inspired by the Second World War. These include the legendary German MG42, MP40, MP44, as well as the British MKII Sten SMG. These authentic electric replicas are very popular with airsoft enthusiasts, who appreciate their faithful design and exceptional performance. 

In addition to these historical pistols, AGM offers a wide range of high-performance all-metal, M4/M16 style electric pistols. From the iconic Vietnamese-era M16A1 to the modern M4A1 SOCOM RIS AEG rifle, there’s something for everyone. 

AGM Bolt Precision Rifles are also known for their amazing performance at a very affordable price. Whether you are an experienced sniper or simply looking for a more accurate gaming experience, these precision rifles will meet your expectations. 

With AGM, you can be sure to find top quality products that meet the requirements of the most demanding players. Whether you are a military history enthusiast or simply an airsoft player looking for exceptional performance, AGM has everything you need to live unforgettable gaming experiences. 

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