Bio 0.25g bag of 4000 bb's (Bioval)

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Bio 0.25g Bag of 4000 BB's (Bioval)

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Introducing the Bio 0.25g bag of 4000 bb's (Bioval), a premium product in our range of Organic Airsoft beads 6mm 0.25Gr. This superior product is not just another addition to your airsoft gear but an upgrade that promises an enhanced performance and eco-friendly experience.

Crafted by the renowned Bioval BB's, these are no ordinary airsoft balls. The quality and precision they offer set them apart from their counterparts. These come in a sleek white color which makes them visible yet subtle on the field.

One significant feature of this product is its caliber of 6mm. This size ensures optimal compatibility with most airsoft guns, offering smooth operation without compromising on accuracy or power.

Weighing at 0.25g, these bb's provide the perfect balance between speed and impact force, making each shot count while ensuring safety during gameplay. The weight also contributes to their stable flight path, enhancing your shooting accuracy even under windy conditions.

What sets this Bio 0.25g bag apart is the sheer quantity it offers - a whopping 4000 bb's! This generous amount ensures you won't run out mid-game, keeping you well-stocked for multiple rounds of action-packed fun.

However, what truly makes this product stand out is its commitment to environmental sustainability - yes, these bb's are biodegradable! They break down naturally over time, reducing pollution and making your gaming experience guilt-free.

In conclusion, if you're looking for high-quality airsoft balls that deliver exceptional performance while being kind to our planet, look no further than the Bio 0.25g bag of 4000 bb's (Bioval). It's more than just a replica weapon accessory; it’s an investment towards responsible gaming.

Bioval BB's
Airsoft balls
Caliber (in mm)

Bioval is an internationally renowned airsoft brand, recognized for the exceptional quality of its products. Designed and patented in Switzerland, Bioval balls have been specially developed to meet the requirements of police and military during their training with airsoft replicas. 

The manufacture of these balls is entirely carried out respecting the rigorous criteria specific to their country of origin, thus ensuring an unmatched superior quality. Thanks to this extreme precision, players can enjoy an optimal playing experience and unparalleled accuracy on the field. 

What differentiates Bioval from other airsoft brands is its "biodegradable" certification. Indeed, these beads are environmentally friendly and degrade naturally. This feature allows players to use Bioval marbles in any environment, without any fear of causing damage to the ecosystem around them. 

Bioval is also the only airsoft brand to have obtained the approval of the US Department of Natural Resources Washington, a prestigious recognition that demonstrates the quality and reliability of its products. This official approval reinforces players' confidence in the Bioval brand and underlines its commitment to the environment. 

By choosing Bioval, airsoft enthusiasts are guaranteed to opt for balls of impeccable quality, both in terms of performance and environmental protection. For successful training and respectful of our planet, Bioval is the obvious choice. 

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