Ultrair Silicone Spray 60ml (ASG 14265)

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ASG Spray Silicone Oil Bomb. Bottle of 60ml. Mandatory for maintaining your replicas!/ Font>


Approximate time 1 week

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Chronopost and Colissimo

Manufacturer: ASG
Type: Silicone Oil Spray
Capacity: 60ml

Very important in maintaining your replicas. To use on:

- Movable fist replica breech
- Valve for gas replica chargers
- Mobile parts of all replicas with moving bolts
- Internal replicas of fists

Tip: For the gearbox and internal part of gas replicas (Gbbr), we recommend a more pasty grease.

ASG Or Action Sport Game is an airsoft supplier located in Denmark offering for example the Dan Wesson Revolvers.

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