Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
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Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)
Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)

Cyma M14 EBR Black (CM032EBR-BK)

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Cyma M14 EBR Black, CM032EBR. Metal replica. 300-ball magazine. 6.04mm barrel. Gearbox V7 metal.


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Manufacturer: Cyma
Type: AEG
Model: CM032EBR type M14 EBR
Material: Metal / ABS
Weight: 5.5 Kg
Black color
Length: 955 / 1040mm
Internal Barrel length: 420mm
Power: 1.2 to 1.3 joules
Loader capacity: 300 balls
Hop Up: Adjustable
Battery: 8.4V Provided
Battery charger: included


Excellent base for support or anti-snipe, the M14 from Cyma has excellent performance in terms of range and accuracy. Thanks to its solid stock, it offers excellent stability when shooting and allows a nice shoulder because of a very good balance. The back of the butt allows access to the battery compartment through a valve (very easy to access). This space is large enough to accommodate the largest batteries. The trigger is equipped with a mechanical safety thus reducing the risks of accidental fire. The rifle is equipped with original aiming devices fully adjustable but little without any concern receive a telescope or a red dot / red dot. The version 7 gearbox is entirely made of metal. It is mounted on 7mm bearings. It contains a spring type M 110 which thus allocates good power to the rifle.


The M14 was developed from a long line of experimental weapons based on the M1 Garand. Although the Garand was among the most advanced rifles of the 1940s, he was not a perfect weapon. Modifications began to design the basic design of the basic M1 rifle at the twilight of the Second World War. The changes included the addition of a fully automatic firing capability and the replacement of the 8-pack bulk cartridge load with a detachable magazine containing 20 rounds. Winchester, Remington, and the Springfield Armory owned by John C. Garand offered different designs. The design of the Garand, the T20, was the most popular, andthe T20 prototypes were used as a base for a number of Springfield test rifles from 1945 until the early 1950s.

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Cyma is a manufacturer of Airsoft replicas and accessories. Initially specializing in various AK models which still represent a majority of their catalog, Cyma has finally diversified with replicas of M4, MP5, M14, G36...

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