Action Army Kit Cylindre Téflon VSR
Action Army Action Army Kit Cylinder VSR10 AC-AAB01007 Parts Upgrades Sniper
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Action Army Kit Cylindre Téflon VSR
Action Army Action Army Kit Cylinder VSR10 AC-AAB01007 Parts Upgrades Sniper

Action Army Kit Cylinder VSR10

€89.90 89.90

Action Army Teflon Cylinder Kit for VSR10 compatible Tokyo Marui VSR10 / VSR10 G-Spec, Jing Gong BAR10 / BAR10G, HFC VSR11. Kit includes cylinder head & teflon cylinder

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Manufacturer: Action Army

Type: Teflon Cylinder Kit (cylinder head + cylinder)

Information: This kit is complete since it also contains the cylinder head. Made of teflon, the cylinder is designed to reduce wrinkling and maximize compression and decompression of the spring / piston.

It is important to know the reason for the use of teflon in the manufacture of this piece. When one reaches a certain level of improvement on this type of replica, the power is such that during the decompression of the spring, the cylinder initially made of steel is scratched. This subsequently causes a loss of efficiency, the piston seal is also damaged with each use. Very resistant to high temperatures but also to shock and aggression, such as scratches for example, the reflon finds all are useful in this case.

This kit comes in addition to the "Trigger Bas Set" or "Zero Trigger" kit, an M170 spring and reinforced piston if you do not take the option of the Zero Trigger.

Compatible with Tokyo Marui VSR10 / G-Spec, Jing Gong BAR10, HFC VSR11.

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