Wolverine SMP V2
Wolverine SMP V2
Wolverine SMP V2
Wolverine SMP V2
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Wolverine SMP V2
Wolverine SMP V2
Wolverine SMP V2
Wolverine SMP V2

HPA Inferno v2 (M4) Premium Gen2 (Wolverine)

€499.99 499.99

Inferno v2 Gen2 Premium M4 from Wolverine Airsoft.


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Inferno v2 Gen2 Premium M4 from Wolverine Airsoft.

Powered by technology exclusive to Wolverine Airsoft, the SMP offers more efficient and optimized use of air with a system that has only one moving part. Plus, its adaptability to aftershocks is superior to any other HPA system on the market!

The Inferno gen 2 is a unit ready to mount inside any v2 or v3 Gearbox with a centered nozzle, a cylinder and a TM standard trigger. It features precision adjustable speed, adjustable rate of fire with multiple modes. Thus, the SMP can be embarked on the ground to play several different tactical roles without ever having to be dismantled. Switch from CQB to DMR (or others) in the blink of an eye and focus on the game and not your equipment thanks to its reliability and instant response to game situations!

Features :

Operating pressure: 40 to 120 psi

Velocity: Adjustable from 300 to 475 fps

Rate of fire: 5 to 40 balls per second

Burst mode: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7 and auto

Response time: ~10m/s

FCU Dimension: 1.52 x 5.08cm

Air Usage Rating: ci x psi / 50

Strong points :

Fits in place of the cylinder

Compatible with all TM standard Gearboxes

Instant response with no first dry hit

Best FCU air usage in full time sleep mode

1 year warranty:

The warranty applies only if the assembly is done by Phenix Airsoft.


Wolverine, an American company, has created a complete line of high-pressure air systems for the airsoft industry over the past five years. 

Wolverine Airsoft's innovations have set a new standard for performance, price and reliability in the airsoft market, especially the HPA market. Wolverine Airsoft is committed to providing superior service before, during, and after the sale, and developing strong working relationships with its suppliers, retailers, and other airsoft industry partners.

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