AEG Hop Up Bucking 70° (SHS)

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AEG Hop Up Bucking 70° (SHS).


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Improve your airsoft gun's accuracy and range with the premium AEG Hop Up Bucking 70° (SHS). This superior hop-up system, brought to you by reputable manufacturer SHS, is designed to provide enhanced friction and spin to the BBs resulting in a more precise and extended shooting range. It's the ultimate tool for players who value precision and consistency on the battlefield.

Made from high-quality, durable silicone, this hop up bucking can withstand intense airsoft games and resist wear and tear for a long-lasting gaming experience. Its resilient construction maintains consistent performance even in varying temperature conditions, making it an optimal choice for airsoft enthusiasts all year round.

The AEG Hop Up Bucking 70° (SHS) features a striking blue color, making it easily identifiable during assembly or maintenance. But it's not just about looks - its standout color indicates a distinct quality and performance. The 70° hardness level denotes its ideal compatibility with AEGs that chronograph around 350~450 FPS, ensuring optimum performance.

Additionally, it's straightforward to install. Players of any experience level can equip their airsoft guns with this high-performance hop-up system, thanks to its user-friendly design. Transform your shooting experience with the AEG Hop Up Bucking 70° (SHS) and tap into a new level of precision and power.

So whether you're an airsoft novice, a seasoned player, or an upgrade enthusiast, the AEG Hop Up Bucking 70° by SHS is your key to unlocking improved accuracy and range. Embrace the competitive edge it offers and experience a game-changing impact on your overall performance in the field.

Hop-Up system

Since its inception, SHS has been dedicated to providing airsoft players with first-rate upgrade parts to optimize the performance and durability of their replicas. Each SHS product embodies the expertise and innovation of a dedicated team, aiming to meet the rigorous demands of enthusiasts, from knowledgeable hobbyists to seasoned professionals. 

SHS's success is based on its exceptional value for money. Players around the world appreciate the ability to upgrade their replicas without compromising quality, which has made SHS a preferred choice for those seeking affordable upgrade solutions without sacrificing performance. 

With worldwide distribution covering more than 30 countries, SHS has transcended borders to become a major player on the international airsoft scene. SHS products are renowned for their reliability and durability, giving players the confidence to dominate the playing field. 

Join the global community of airsoft enthusiasts who trust SHS to take their replicas to the next level. Discover an extensive range of upgrade parts and accessories that combine exceptional quality and affordability, redefining industry standards. With SHS, every shot is a demonstration of the power of affordable innovation.

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