Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex)
Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex)
Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex)
Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex)
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Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex)
Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex)
Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex)
Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex)

Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex)

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Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex)


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Introducing the Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex), a remarkable airsoft gun from the renowned brand, Umarex. This product stands out in its category with an array of features that ensure superior performance and realism.

Firstly, this model is officially licensed by Glock Gas Airsoft Replica. It comes with marking to affirm its authenticity and enhance your experience. The Umarex mark signifies quality and reliability in the world of airsoft guns.

The Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 operates on a propulsion system powered by a 12Gr Co2 cartridge. Depending on temperature conditions, it's recommended to use Co2 for optimal performance.

This airsoft gun is constructed from durable polymer and metal materials, promising longevity and robustness. Its sleek black color adds to its overall aesthetic appeal while maintaining an authentic look.

One significant feature of this model is its adjustable Hop-Up mechanism which allows you to control the trajectory of the BBs for improved accuracy. With an energy output of approximately 1 Joule and power reaching up to ~330 FPS, it ensures high-speed shooting capability.

For caliber size, it uses 6mm BBs with advised weights ranging between 0.25 Gr - 0.30 Gr depending on your preference or game requirements.

The Glock G17 Gen4 has a magazine capacity of holding up to 25 rounds at once which means less reloading time during gameplay sessions. Additionally, it includes BlowBack functionality for added realism when firing.

Adding versatility to this model is its Picatinny rail type which allows attachment of various accessories such as lasers or flashlights enhancing your tactical advantage during games.

Weighing only about 0.663 Kg and measuring 202 mm in length, this compact yet powerful replica weapon offers easy handling without compromising performance capabilities.

Finally, the Glock G17 Gen4 provides two shooting modes: Security / Semi Automatic, giving you the flexibility to adapt to different gameplay scenarios.

In conclusion, the Glock G17 Gen4 Co2 (Umarex) is not just an airsoft gun. It's a comprehensive package of power, performance, and precision designed for serious airsoft enthusiasts who demand nothing but the best.

Official License
Yes with Marking
airsoft gun
Recommended gas depending on temperature
Co2 cartridge 12Gr
Energy (in Joule)
Power (in FPS)
Caliber (in mm)
Advisor balls (in Gr)
Magazine Capacity
Rail type
Length (in mm)
Weight (in Kg)
shooting mode
Security / Semi Automatic

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