CZ75-D P07 Duty Fixed Cylinder Head Metal Co2 (ASG 16718)

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ASG Pistol Co2 Model CZ75D P-07 Duty Fixed Cylinder Head - It comes with a 16-ball magazine - This is the fixed bolt model (no blowback) more economical to use but with less feel - A look and feel grip very popular with players


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Chronopost and Colissimo

Reply :

Another version of the famous Czech gun with a Rail under the barrel. Made entirely of polymer, it is compact and lightweight while maintaining good power. The gun works with Co2 cartridges that lodge in the butt of the replica.

A little more: an accessory range can enhance your gun: laser / lamp / cylinder head metal / mounting rail / muffler metal / silent ventilated brief enough to give it a more personal touch

Recommended gas depending on temperature
Co2 cartridge 12Gr

ASG Or Action Sport Game is an airsoft supplier located in Denmark offering for example the Dan Wesson Revolvers.

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