Definition Airsoft


Originally Airsoft replica guns means (Airsoft gun) propelled by gas or compressed air beads 6mm or 8mm plastic, sometimes gusty. Originally designed for target shooting or collection, fans of this hobby turned it into a fun activity usually between two teams whose players are provided with a mask or goggles (obligatory) and one or more replicas. The projectiles used do not contain paint and the game is therefore based only on fair play. There are many types of commonly practiced scenarios such as Capture the Flag, Team Deathmatch or VIP protection.

Contrary to popular belief, the type of Airsoft pitchers develop a weaker power than paintball launchers thanks to the low mass of the balls. Both activities usually have a fun goal, however marked by an approachmilitary realism much push for Airsoft, an impression that the vast majority of paintball players do not want to give. The difference lies mainly in camouflage outfits worn by airsoft and places of play. Paintball is usually done on sports fields equipped with inflatable obstacles, Airsoft is practiced on private land natural or urban type .

[Source: Wikipedia]