BB Loader XXL 1000 Balls M4 Desert (GFA)

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This speedloader allows you to quickly recharge your M4 magazine.

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Chronopost and Colissimo

M4 Quick Loader

The speedloader is a very interesting alternative to the standard BB Loader. This one

uses rotation, the device is powered by a hand crank. Unlike standard Loaders, the cartridge can store up to approximately 1000 BBs. And a Mid-Cap magazine can be charged in 4-5 seconds.

The speedloader is compatible with the majority of M4 magazines. Magazines attached to the speedloader sit stably on it, and refilling them even in difficult field conditions will not be a problem. The set is made from a reinforced polymer. The size of the speedloader allows it to be carried in a double M4 Molle pouch.

Airsoft balls
nylon fibre
Caliber (in mm)
Length (in mm)
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M4 Series

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