NiMh Battery 9.6v Stick 1500 mAh (EnrichPower)

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EnrichPower Battery Nimh 9.6v Stick 1500mah. The Ni-Mh battery is one of the most common in Airsoft, it is simply rechargeable elements ACCU type, a little more advanced than the commercial rechargeable batteries. This model is most commonly found on AK type replicas, the battery is placed under the upper capo or in MP5K models.

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It is necessary to know its charge time if you use a charger whose cut is not automatic.

To do so we divide the capacity of the battery, indicated in mAh by the charging speed of the charger indicated on the latter by the line "OUPUT - 12V - 250mAh". In this example, the charger charges at 250 milliamps per hour (250mAh). We will have a load speed of 1500/250 = 6 hours.

It can also happen that between two productions, the batteries are 1500mAh or 1600mAh.

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