Charger AK47 Metal 600 Balls (Cyma C22)
Cyma - Charger AK47 - 600 balls
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Charger AK47 Metal 600 Balls (Cyma C22)
Cyma - Charger AK47 - 600 balls

Magazine AK47 Metal 600 Balls (Cyma C22)

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Magazine AK47 Metal 600 Balls (Cyma C22).


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Looking for a high-capacity, durable, and reliable airsoft loader to amp up your game? Allow us to introduce the Magazine AK47 Metal 600 Balls (Cyma C22). Brought to you by renowned manufacturer Cyma Airsoft, this loader is perfect for your AK Series Airsoft guns. As an integral part of the Airsoft Magazine AK Series, it features unequaled quality and reliability.

The Cyma C22 loader is built with a robust Metal material for superior durability. It possesses a sleek, tactical Black color that adds an edge to your equipment, enhancing your Airsoft experience. As an AEG (Airsoft Electric Gun) propelled magazine, it ensures smooth reloading, boosting your performance on the battlefield.

One of the prime features of this airsoft loader is its impressive Magazine Capacity. It can hold up to 600 balls, providing a significant advantage during extended skirmishes. The incorporated Scroll wheel feature aids in quick and efficient loading, ensuring optimum firepower at your disposal. Despite its high capacity and robust build, this charger weighs a mere 400g, making it easy to handle and maneuver during gameplay.

Compatibility is fundamental for any Airsoft accessories, and here the Cyma C22 truly shines. It is compatible with All brands and specifically designed for AK replicas, covering a wide range of Airsoft weaponry. Step up your game with the Charger AK47 Metal 600 Balls (Cyma C22) – the premier choice for serious Airsoft enthusiasts!

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Cyma is a renowned brand in the field of airsoft, specializing in the manufacture of replicas and accessories. Since its inception, Cyma has built a solid reputation by offering a wide range of AK models, which still remain a majority in their catalog. 

However, aware of the constant evolution of the preferences of airsoft players, Cyma has diversified its offer by also offering replicas of M4, MP5, M14, G36, and many others. This diversification of models allows each player to find the replica that best suits his playing style and personal preferences. 

The quality of the Cyma replicas is impeccable. Whether it’s the design, the materials used or the shooting accuracy, each replica is designed to offer an immersive and realistic experience. The meticulous details and concern for realism make each Cyma replica a true collector’s item for airsoft enthusiasts. 

In addition to replicas, Cyma also offers a wide range of accessories to improve the performance of your replicas or customize your equipment. From the additional charger to the accessory rail and adjustable sticks, Cyma makes every effort to meet the needs of the most demanding players. 

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran airsoft player, Cyma offers quality, reliable and efficient products to accompany you during your games. With a constant commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, Cyma remains at the forefront of the airsoft industry, always ready to offer you the best of this exciting discipline. 

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