Grenade Co2 : Starter Kit (APS)

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Pack de 3 Sound Grenade, Vendu avec le systéme de déclanchement, fonctionne à Co2.

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Chronopost and Colissimo

Dummy grenade to assemble yourself, the result obtained is simply a sound effect by tearing the plastic envelope.

The sound power is 85 to 125 db depending on the envelope.

Reusable products, works with 12gr Co2 cartridges.

You can place BB's, lentils, flour or plaster there for projection within a radius of approximately 3m.

Can be used in all outdoor environments, no risk of fire, it is not pyrotechnic.

Sold with 3 shells.

APS Conception Airsoft is a leading brand in the field of Airsoft. Specialized in the manufacture of Co2 grenades, it offers a wide variety of models to satisfy all enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for a hand grenade or a trigger model, APS Conception Airsoft will meet your expectations. 

APS hand grenades are unbeatable in terms of performance and quality. They are perfect to enrich your game scenarios, offering a realistic and immersive experience. Equipped with efficient Co2 propulsion systems, these grenades generate explosive power that guarantees thrills during your Airsoft games. 

If you prefer trigger grenades, APS Conception Airsoft has also thought of you. Their trigger models are easy to use and offer excellent range, making them formidable weapons on the field. Whether you want to destroy targets from a distance or surprise your opponents during strategic attacks, these grenades are an ideal choice. 

In addition to these two popular types, APS Conception Airsoft also offers other models of Co2 grenades. Their diverse range includes products specifically designed to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a grenade with greater load capacity, better dispersion or a unique design, APS has you covered. 

Quality is at the heart of APS Conception Airsoft’s approach. All their grenades are made with the best materials and undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability and durability. In addition, APS is constantly striving to improve its products by seeking technological innovations to offer ever more impressive performance. 

Trust APS Airsoft Design for your next game of Airsoft and add a touch of realism and excitement to your game scenarios. 

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