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Airsoft gear ACU / Marpat

Phenix Airsoft offers a wide range of outfits and outfit, such as caps, boonie hat for example, in Marpat and ACU.

MARPAT (for MARine PATtern) is a family of military uniforms originally used by the United States Marine Corps which introduced it from 2002 and generalized in 2004. The pattern, a digital camouflage with a signature Reduced infrared, is under the protection of a US patent. The MARPAT was chosen so that it clearly identifies its carriers as Marines to their opponents, while helping its carriers to remain hidden.

The ACU,developed to replace the old-generation camouflage "big spots", the ACUPAT or AT Digital has become the new regulatory camouflage of the US Army. Very adapted to the urban and rocky environments, this pattern is in service in several countries like Argentina where it makes wonder. Decreed when he entered service because he was unsuited to the Iraqi conflict, this camouflage proved to be extremely versatile as soon as he was slightly dusty.