Red Dot Sights


Red Dot Sights

Airsoft red dot or red dot main function can aim without aligning the sights of the replica and enabling a reflex shot. Phoenix airsoft offers several red dot airsoft models from Holographic, or ACOG Red Dot. Choose among the airsoft red dot suit your playing style.

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  • Red Dot Red Dot Sights

    Red Dot can target without aligning the sights and especially without close one eye and it is effective for reflex shots. Phoenix Airsoft offers several models red dot so you can choose the one that best suits your reply. Red dot is the category rangeAirsoft Accessories.

  • ACOG Style Sights

    An ACOG Airsoft has a magnification to aim more precisely on your target. Phoenix Airsoft offers several models for you to choose airsoft acog most suited to your style of play. The category Airsoft ACOG is the rangeAirsoft Accessories.

  • Red Dot Protection

    Red Dot protection including protection glass for red dot but also the honeycomb protection and multiple movies and lens protection. Phoenix Airsoft offers more protection models red dot to make your choice for the best protection for your target system. The Red Dot protection class is part of the rangeAirsoft Accessories.

  • Holographic Sights

    Holographic viewfinder consists of a round as a crosshair. its main function is to ensure the reflex shot. Phoenix Airsoft offers several holographic sight models to allow you to choose from those proposed. The Holographic Sight is the category rangeAirsoft Accessories.

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