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Glock Gas Pistols

Phenix offers a Glock airsoft replica types selection, version 17, the best known version 18 with the burst mode, the customs versions and more.
Glock is an Austrian arms company founded in 1963 and located in Wagram 15 km from Vienna. It employs about 300 people in the early twenty-first century.The company name comes from its founder Gaston Glock, an Austrian engineer who is the current president. She is best known for his Glock pistols which the carcass is made of polymers. It also manufactures equipment such as knives and guns pelles.Les Glocks are renowned for their reliability due to the use of polymer insensitive to corrosion and relatively simple mechanism. The low recoil and ergonomics make the Glock comfortable weapon during firing, hence its use by most novice shooters.
The use of resistant and very light polymers produces a handy weapon to conceal. These non-metallic materials have been the source of controversy on the weapons produced by Glock which are said to be undetectable, neglecting the fact that many parts are metal (especially the head, the gun, the spring charger and ammunition ...) and a security properly trained operator will identify the weapon without difficulty.