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Répliques G3 Airsoft

The HK G3 (G3 for "Gewehr 3" in German, "fusil 3" in French) is an assault rifle developed by the German firm Heckler & Koch.

Renowned for its great reliability, the G3 has been widely used in the armed forces of the Third World. However, it is a heavy and cumbersome rifle that fires a powerful ammunition.

The G3 has been produced and used for a long time by many regular armies including Germany, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Iran, Pakistan, Portugal, Thailand, Turkey. It has been adopted by about fifty countries for about forty years.

The reasons for its success, apart from its reliability and precision, were that it was simpler and cheaper to produce than its competitors. Its mechanism of delayed action and locking by rollers will be applied to many other weapons of Heckler & Koch.

This airsoft replica is very appreciated by intervention groups such as the GIGN or SWAT for building missions (CQC) or tactical insertions. With its folding stock, this replica is easy to carry.