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Gas Pistol - Gas

Airsoft Gas replicas were originally designed in Japan and started with a bulky external tank system. That was about 30 years ago, today's gas airsoft replicas have a tank built directly into the weapon, usually in the magazine, more convenient for games. The gas system is the most used system nowadays by airsoft players.

There are various advantages, thanks to the gas propulsion system, the immersion is improved. Indeed, the pressure causes a recoil effect of the breech on the GBB versions thus reinforcing the realism of the replica.

The quality/price ratio is also an advantage, with the improvements the replicas have become accessible to all.

This leads to two other advantages: thanks to the number of years of existence of the gas system, there are many more choices of replicas in this version as well as upgrade parts with better reliability.

However, there are still some disadvantages, gas airsoft replicas are more easily affected by bad weather conditions, a big cold causes outgassing and gas cylinders are quite bulky, they can not fit everywhere.