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Walther P99 Airsoft Replica

Short history of the Walther P99

The Walther P99 is a semi-automatic handgun developed by the German firearms manufacturer Carl Walther GmbH SportWaffen in Ulm for law enforcement, security forces and the civilian firearms market as a replacement for the Walther P5 and P88.

Work on the design of this new generation handgun began in 1994 and the handgun was introduced in 1997 with serial production beginning the same year.

Features of the Walther P99 Airsoft

The Walther P99 airsoft gun is quite similar to the real steel Walther, except for the disarming device which is not present on the replica. The fairly substantial weight of the replica is nice and helps give this airsoft gun the feel of a real handgun. For a very affordable price, the Walther P99 airsoft replica has an excellent quality finish. Obviously, you find a plastic/polymer frame, but there is a lot of metal inside the airsoft replica, including all the internal parts, in the magazine, the trigger, etc.

This airsoft gun features a blowback action, which means that the slide is raised each time the gun is fired. This adds realism and real recoil when firing. If you're looking for a powerful, realistic airsoft handgun with good value for money, this is a great choice.

What are the different variants available on Phenix Airsoft?

On Phenixairsoft, there are three variants of the Walther P99 airsoft, which are the Umarex Walther PPQ, the Umarex Walther PPQ M2 Navy Duty and the Galaxy Walther P99 Mini. Let's see what the different features of each variant are.

Umarex Walther PPQ

The Umarex Walther PPQ is a replica in black that is 180mm long and weighs about 450g. This variant is made entirely of ABS. It is accompanied by a magazine with a capacity of 12 balls. Finally, the Umarex Walther PPQ has a power of 0.5 joule for a velocity of 250 FPS.

Umarex Walther PPQ M2 Navy Duty

The Umarex Walther PPQ M2 Navy Duty is a heavier and more powerful variant, with a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. Indeed, thanks to a metal and polymer design, the weight of this variant climbs to 750g. As for power, the Umarex Walther PPQ M2 deploys 1.1 joules, which allows it to reach a velocity of 350 FPS. The Umarex Walther PPQ M2 has a mobile breech and an adjustable Hop Up. Finally, it should be noted that this variant comes with a silencer that is 200 mm long, which increases the length of the weapon from 180 mm to 380 mm.

Galaxy Walther P99 Mini

The Galaxy Walther P99 Mini is a miniature variant of the Walther P99 airsoft. It is equipped with a magazine with a capacity of 9 balls and is only 150 mm long. Moreover, it benefits from a metal and ABS finish, which makes this airsoft replica heavy enough. In terms of performance, the Galaxy Walther P99 Mini deploys a power of 0.4 joule for a velocity of 220 FPS.

The different mechanisms that are offered on Phenix Airsoft

At Phenix Airsoft, the Walther P99 airsoft replicas are available in two different operating mechanisms: the Umarex Walther PPQ and the Galaxy Walther P99 Mini operate with a spring system, while the Umarex Walther PPQ M2 operates with CO2.